Be Great and Inspire provides aid for family in need.

Earlier this month we set out to provide gifts for dozen’s of families in need this Holiday season. Due to the pandemic and a financially challenging Holiday season, a lot of our usual donors were unable to donate and we were unable to reach our goal. Although we couldn’t help dozen’s of families as planned, we wanted to focus on on a family that would benefit the most from our help.

We decided to help a family in Little London, Westmoreland, Jamaica. The family consists of a disabled mother, who has one arm and no legs and 4 children. Due to her disability the mother is unable to work a steady job to provide for the kids and they are in dire need of help. Worsening conditions due to the pandemic, food scarcity and improper housing are the main issue this family faces, as well as countless other families around the world. In the past the Founder of Be Great, Rohan Hylton’s late Grandfather, Arnold Davis would help them as much as possible and we’d like to continue to provide aid in his honor.

Be Great and Inspire with the help of Rohan da Great and Island Flavour, will provide food and necessities for the family. We believe in strength in numbers.The aid we provide may give temporary relief, but if we can come together collectively we can change this family's lives. 100% of the donations raised for this initiative will go directly to the family. I encourage you to donate and share to any organization or individuals that may be interested in donating as well. Thank you and remember to always Be Great!

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