The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively”

- Bob Marley

Be Great and Inspire!

"I’m a strong believer that artistic gifts are given for the good of the world and not for the good of that specific individual, therefore whatever the individual receives from said gifts must be given back into the world” -Rohan Da Great


This is a quote from artist and “Be Great” founder, Rohan Da Great. He appears to be living by those words. Rohan recently announced that he will be unveiling the "Be Great" Artistic Leadership Program to help students achieve their dreams of becoming Musicians, Songwriters, Producers and Recording artists. Many young people have a dream but lack the finances or knowledge to properly nurture and present their talent to the world, making their dreams virtually non existent.


Rohan hopes to make these student's dreams obtainable with the help of his Record Label L.A.R. (Leaders of the Artistic Revolution) and his D.I.O.M.O. (Did It On My Own) Publishing Company, We always hear talk about "Successful" artists wanting to give back to their communities, but most either wait till they’re established and only give back a small portion and some even forget to give back at all, Rohan Da Great is doing something different!


For more info about our mission and to help a child’s creative dream become a reality,  the link below.


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